Cloud Accessible Battery Cyclers under your Control.

Battery Test Labs provides remotely accessible channels which you control to design, monitor, and analyze battery cycling experiments through our cloud platform.

your battery lab in the cloud

run experiments without running a lab

A complete hardware and software battery testing platform hosted in a world-class battery testing facility.

Advanced Battery Equipment
Equipment for precise evaluation of batteries, capable of everything you need to test or characterize batteries.
Cloud Software Console
Battery Test Labs Cloud Console Platform available to control every aspect of your tests.
World-Class Laboratory
Climate controlled facility staffed by test management experts, available when you need.

Begin New Battery Tests at the Touch of a Button.

Design, monitor, and analyze battery cycling experiments from anywhere in the world, utilizing the Battery Test Lab platform.

Select your channels

Subscribe monthly, and select your channel configuration. Allow us to confirm receipt and safe storage of your battery cells.

Request Cell Install

Request cell installation, and communicate with our test management team for any setup requirements.

Create Test Plan

Develop, load, and run your test plan right from the Battery Test Cloud Console. Alter what you need, when you need, at anytime.

Analyze Real-time Data

Utilize built-in tools to analyze data, develop models, predict failure, and uncover research insights by interpreting time series data.

Access full python environment for more complex test plan profiles or data analysis.

Run Experiments Without Running a Lab.

Develop algorithms, characterize batteries, and scale your testing capabilities without worrying about CapEx, real estate, lab maintenance, technicians, and other operational headaches.


Comprehensive battery testing & characterisation in a single instrument

Fully controlled from the Battery Test Lab Cloud Console.

EIS, HPPC, LSV, CCCV test capability for each channel

5V 32A per channelV&I digitized 24bits at 128kSps 

Aux. port to connect external equipment to each channel

5-60°C independent thermal management for each cell

Generate any arbitrary waveform during charge/discharge 

Flexible and adaptive test plans written in Python

View equipment specifications
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• Arbitrary waveform, 30kHz bandwidth. 5V ±32A
Data Acquisition
• V&I dedicated in-phase sampling
• 16-bit @ reported up to 128kSps
• 24-bit @ reported up to 128kSps (optional)
• User defined custom aggregates. i.e. capacity, energy, impedance etc.
• 4 temperature measurement points
Cell Connection
• Engineered cell holders, accommodating pouch, prismatic, cylindrical, and custom connection cells for easy and reliable handling.
•  Near real-time data latency 
•  Cloud hosted management and data analysis software suite
•  Test profile development via Python
•   APIs and SDKs available for integration with other systems
• AES-256 Data Encryption
Test Envrionment
• Individual temperature control for every battery under test from 5 ̊C to 60 ̊C
• I2C interface for custom gauges deployed to each channel (i.e. swell measurement, etc)

Full Control with the Battery Test Labs Cloud Console


Organize and manage execution of test plans​.
• Use Python REPL to run commands while executing tests.
• View and modify Python variables during test execution​
• Test provisioning​
• Test execution​


Accelerate characterization with Battery Test Cloud Console automation tools.
• Cycling data analysis​
• Cell characterization and algorithm optimization
• Real time oscilloscope view​.
• Cycling data analysis, visual plots.


Remotely view and manage every aspect of battery tests.
• Asset management
• Central dashboard for channels.
• Request new channel and cell installations​
• Assign ownership, tags, labels

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